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HONG LINH specializes in interior design of living room with sophisticated and modern trends.

Minimalism in design style not only makes your living room become maximized space, cost savings but also helps you avoid shopping for unnecessary and cumbersome things, occupying the area of the apartment. your living room.

The living room is not only a place to receive guests, for many families, it is also a place for family members to gather. There are many ways to design beautiful living room furniture such as interior design of modern living room, interior design of living room following neoclassical trend, modern interior design style, classic interior design style. , ... However, to have a beautiful living room interior requires homeowners and designers to have a sophisticated look, overview and in accordance with the budget can be spent to design the interior. Reconcile these elements through work items such as coordinating colors, using textures on walls, or choosing furniture such as sofas, tables, shelves, wine cabinets, etc.

1. Interior design beautiful and modern living room

Modern furniture here is not materially modern, expensive furniture. Interior design beautiful modern living room here is modern in terms of space, features, interior design and smart interior science.

The living room is a place where the host welcomes many friends or is the place where the family gathers and reunites after a long, stressful and tired working day. The living room is like the breath of life, the breath of the house. The modern living room is full of youthful energy, catching up with today's fast and bustling trend. Therefore, modern living room furniture is often simple, not picky and complicated. Everything placed in the living room has its own functions and uses. Homeowners who want to design interiors according to modern trends should choose multi-purpose furniture to optimize the placement in the room, maximizing the space for beautiful living room furniture. In addition, you can use extra floor mats to create a cozy, harmonious, cozy space for the family.

2. Interior design of beautiful wooden living room

Many people have a preference for wood, like to use, look at wooden objects, especially the furniture in a house made from wood, so it will be a priority to choose wood furniture. Wood not only blows the "soul" into objects but also creates an antique, soft, nostalgic feeling for anyone who enters the room. The living room is used, the design of many wooden items is often chosen according to the neoclassical trend, the color of wood will be the main color of the house. 

Beautiful wooden living room furniture can be sofas, tea tables, shelves, TV racks, ... Wooden furniture is usually made of high-quality wood that is clean, creating raw products. Clean friendly host, especially the elderly and children. Interior design of wood is never out of fashion because of the enduring it brings. Wood furniture is not only beautiful, luxurious but also shows the level of homeowners.


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