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HONG LINH is not only famous as a reputable professional interior design company but also as a package interior construction unit, producing quality furniture in Ho Chi Minh. We have had many good design and construction products with positive feedback from customers.

HONG LINH operates in a closed process from design to construction and production. We are proud to have a fully equipped factory system that can meet the most demanding requirements from customers.

If the living room is the place where family gatherings and receptions take place, then the bedroom is a private place that belongs to each person. The bedroom helps students to freely express their creativity and personality in the design style. Designing a scientific bedroom helps you have a great experience when relaxing and relaxing.

Color is an important factor in bedroom design. The neutral, warm colors are quite preferred in this room. These are popular colors such as: blue, pink, white, beige, light gray, etc. These are colors that help bring a sense of comfort when resting when tired.

With a bedroom marked with a personal impression, it always brings a feeling of closeness and familiarity when returning to the room after a working day. A vivid painting creates special and attractive features for the room. This is also a way to express creativity, taste of homeowners.

The angular, distorted shapes cause discomfort, the feeling of repression and when staying in this room will depress willpower. A square feng shui bedroom design will make good sleep for the room owner. Will depend on the size of the bedroom large or small, but the shape of the room is rectangular or square.

The design of the ceiling is a factor that needs the right attention. According to feng shui, the ceiling should be a bright color to create a spacious room. The floor should be dark colors, especially deep brown, to match the ceiling like earth and sky. Moreover this color selection also brings a high aesthetic to the room.

The bed is the central interior of the bedroom. A reasonable position of the bed is the way to bring about smooth sleep with sweet dreams. Feng shui said that the bed should not face the main door to avoid obstructing the air of prosperity. Headboard should be based on the wall to both save space and to provide support for people lying.

Modern bedroom form is always the desire of anyone. We, by our dedication and creativity, bring you the perfect resting space from aesthetics and comfort.


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