Noted Things When Decorating Interior Houses



At present, when designing houses or apartments interior with details such as ceiling lights, sockets can cause accidents for family members if we do not know how to arrange equipment reasonably or careless construction.

Beautiful home interior design with high decorations such as ceiling lights, nightstands, water tanks, light panels in skylights... If not hanging properly, surely, the painting will be at risk falling. The glass is bright where the skylight should use toughened glass of trust origin or poly sheet. There are cases of fatal accidents because of large water tanks falling.

For floors, selecting inappropriate materials can also cause accidents. The bathroom should not lay the floor with smooth materials. For outdoor steps if you choose inappropriate material, it will quickly close the moss so that you fall.

Items used daily such as rice cookers, microwave ovens or kettle are easy to cause accidents in the home with children. Some kitchen cabinets have dangerous drawer objects, cutlery within the reach of young children can also cause harm.

In the bedroom, some decorations especially ceiling lights if we fit it in the unsafe place. It will fall down or illuminate on the face of the person in the bed directly.

The electrical outlet can be 30cm or 150cm height against the floor. The electrical outlet is installed in low position that will be more aesthetic and convenient in some operations. However, if the electrical outlet is in a low position, it can cause an accident for young children at any time.

Almost present houses do not use safe ground wires to prevent electric leakage from electrical equipment. The lightning protection system as well as the ground wires system are necessary to invest because the cost is not high but the family's safety is ensured.

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